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Brookhart press conference quotes

By mrasor Published: October 30, 2007


    Key points from Monday's press conference...
    Dennis Kennedy hasn't been running as well this year, and J.D. Brookhart says he doesn't know why. That's funny, because the coach was raving about DK to me during camp.
    Chris Jacquemain has faded in every second half, Brookhart conceded. His overall grade is a "C." I'd move that down to a "C-." I guess no one asked him who would start Friday. I will have the depth chart today probably, though.

If you missed it, Zippy won again yesterday, moving to 7-0. Next up is Cosmo from Brigham Young. The Roo can clinch a playoff spot with a win, and she leads by 400 as of 12:25 p.m. Tuesday. Vote here.
Men's basketball
The Buchtelite's Adam Ferrise previewed the season and he's pretty confident about making the NCAA Tournament.
He mentions a couple nagging injuries to Jeremiah Wood (strained hand) and Ronnie Steward (hip flexor, although I thought it was his groin).
By the way, I ran into Zips' assistant Lamont Paris at a Halloween party on Saturday. I would recount some of our conversation, but it followed a marathon winning streak in beer pong. I do remember that Paris was dressed as Will Smith from Men In Black.
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