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Browns waive Bryan Williams

By mrasor Published: June 15, 2009

The Browns waived former Zips safety Bryan Williams today.
The Beacon Journal's story indicated Williams never felt comfortable in Berea. He was happy, however, to have time to find another team.
I'm a little surprised. I think Williams has the athleticism to find a niche in the NFL. Perhaps the next team will find a better way to use him.
The ABJ's Patrick McManamon presented the case for hiring Hunter Yurachek as the next athletic director: You don't have to hire a search firm. It will be a smooth transition. If he doesn't get the job, Yurachek might follow Rhoades to Houston.
As I reported last week, Yuracheck is the favorite to win the job. Since he arrived on campus, there has been an implicit understanding at Buchtel Hall that he would eventually take over for Rhoades.
My concern is this: Yurachek's current responsibility is to oversee marketing and promotions, among other things. And yet, football ticket sales are woefully behind. The basketball team keeps winning 20 games, and it can't fill Rhodes Arena or even the student section on most nights.
Obviously, Yurachek is not to blame for these shortcomings. They are longstanding, complicated obstacles. But can we say that the Rhoades/Yurachek regime has made noticeable strides? Is Yurachek a favorite for the job because of his well-rounded resume, or because he has great ideas to fix these problems?
I encourage President Luis Proenza and his chief of staff Candace Campbell Jackson to answer these questions. If Yurachek promises more of the same, I do not endorse his selection. If he offers new ideas, then I am all aboard (but I also wonder, what was he waiting for?).
Also this...
Vincent Dorsey is writing a Zips blog for Bookmark it. He's diligent and will stay on top of things.
He linked to this SportsCenter commercial that includes Zippy. I had never seen it before...

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