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Camp notes: Aug. 13

By mrasor Published: August 13, 2007

Today easily could be the nicest day of the year: sunny, not too humid but warm and not a cloud in the sky.
The Zips took advantage by practicing twice.
The morning session went well, coach J.D. Brookhart said. I showed up for an hour of action during the afternoon.

    Some notes:
    The quarterback field remains at three candidates, and it will until after Saturday's scrimmage.
    Injuries: Yamari Dixon suffered a concussion. Rodney Etienne separated his shoulder. Davanzo Tate also said his shoulder "popped" after a play today. None of the injuries is very serious.
    Impressive freshmen: Almondo Sewell, who has moved to defensive end, has been a pleaant surprise. Brookhart praised his incredible strength. Jerome Royal is improving at wide receiver. Tyler Campbell, a walk-on at wide receiver, has moved to free safety and played well enough to be "in the mix" at that position. Marquinn Davis is an absolute giant. He "gained" 25 pounds in the updated roster to stand at 6-foot-6, 280.
    The team devoted an entire practice to special teams on Saturday. That meant Team 1 kicks off to Team 2, who punts back to Team 1, who punts back to Team 2, etc. This continues until one team gains enough field position to score. Then the kickoff process would repeat. It shows the importance Brookhart is placing on winning field position through special teams.
    There have been a few eye-opening formations and plays during fall camp, including one today that really surprised me. As a member of the media, I agreed not to publish information about that. Through reading blogs, coaches can learn plenty. Remember that when you see Army lining up in a wishbone formation on Sept. 1.
    You will see several Zips with duplicate numbers this season. For example, both Parris McNeal and Carlton Jackson wear No. 7. Mike Cawood, UA's associate athletic director for media relations, told me sometimes coaches uses promises for what number a player will wear in order to attract recruits. I'm not saying that is the case here, but it could be.
    As far as the on-field action goes, tight ends Kris Kasparek and Brian Flaherty both made nice catches over the middle. Flaherty's was particularly challenging, as it was tipped and he caught it on his descent to the turf.
    Brookhart stopped in the middle of practice for a couple pressure kicks for Matt Domonkos and Igor Iveljic, who both missed wide right on 43-yarders.
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