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Cawood's notes from spring practice

By mrasor Published: April 11, 2007

Although I couldn't make it to practice today, Mike Cawood (head of media relations) did.
Here are some of his notes, which are not yet on

    Chris Jacquemain and Igor Iveljic returned from injuries to participate today. Iveljic split the uprights on his PAT attempt. Jacquemain did not take a snap. Carlton Jackson is expected back on Thursday. The defense tallied two interceptions and a fumble. The offense "showed flashes" but dropped a few passes that would have went for first downs.

I spoke with Jabari Arthur before the Buchtelite's speaker Jimmy Santiago Baca took the floor.
Arthur agreed with Jermaine Lindsey was playing very well but added that the sophomore receiver suffered a minor injury recently.
He was a bit more optimistic than J.D. Brookhart about David Harvey's return to the team in the fall.
In case you were wondering, the Buchtelite's event was a total success. We about doubled the attendance that I expected. Baca captivated about 300 people with his story of learning to read and write in prison.
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