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University of Akron Zips blog has lost it

By mrasor Published: July 18, 2006


Often, I have praised for its insight.

I take it back. All of it.

The site ranks Akron as the 90th best team in the country. I would list some of the teams in front of Akron, but it would make me too angry. You can check for yourself.

OK. I understand you have to earn praise. And I don't think J.D. Brookhart's Zips want anything handed to them. BUT COME ON! Akron is behind Cincinnati, Bowling Green, Duke, Western Michigan, Central Michigan, SMU, Louisiana Tech. AGHH! (Howard Dean-style yell)

I told you that would get me angry.

Correction: In my haste, I misread the standings. Many of those teams are, in fact, below Akron in the rankings. That does nothing to cure their severe underrating of the Zips.

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