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Dambrot in process of renegotiating contract

By Mike Rasor Published: April 6, 2012

Men's basketball

It seems like we go through this process every couple years...

Keith Dambrot's team overachieves. Dambrot's peers receive raises and bigger jobs. Dambrot wants to stay, but wants the university to sweeten the pot.

I don't blame Dambrot one bit. Just because he's loyal doesn't mean he needs to be foolish.

Dambrot's new contract should include automatic escalators to make his minimum base salary equal to the average of the top three head coaches' salaries in the conference.

Clearly, Dambrot is one of the top three coaches in the conference (although I would argue fervently he's No. 1). He shouldn't have to dicker with his contract every season, or anytime a program overpays to make Dambrot not paid within his appropriate bracket.

All MAC schools are public institutions, so I believe all of the head coaches' salaries would be public record and open to examination.

I don't represent Dambrot, but if I did, I would make sure he not only gets what's coming to him, but can be assured that he will continue to be taken care of as the league evolves.


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