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Dambrot's postgame quotes

By mrasor Published: November 24, 2007

Men's basketball

    Some notes and quotes...
    Ronnie Steward has a more serious issue than his hip pointer. He has been in and out of the hospital this week with a heart problem. "I'm worried about his heart, not his hip," Keith Dambrot said.
    QUOTE OF THE NIGHT about the coach's relationship with Steve McNees: "I like McNees. He's unbelievable as far as attitude goes. Me and him have been like living together. I feel like I'm cheating on my wife."
    On Jeremiah Wood's subpar game: "It's going to be hard to win if Jeremiah doesn't play better."
    On the strong second half: Akron "spread it out, played the little guys. We have been a good team when we go small."
    On shooting woes: "We haven't made shots all season. Our shooting has not been good. That's why I'm going to play ( Nick) Goddard. Chris ( McKnight) went 2-for-8 and he was open for almost the entire game."
    On the defense: "We're so passive defensively compared to what I want. We don't have any quickness with ( Cedrick) Middleton being only 60 percent. We can't get any ball pressure."
    On the team's lagging assist-to-turnover ratio: "It indicates you're not playing very well together. You're not penetrating and pitching well, and you're impatient." (There's a Phil Jackson/Brokeback Mountain joke in there somewhere.)
    On Middleton playing with his patella bruise: "He's just gutting it out."
    Binghamton coach Kevin Broadus' thoughts on Akron: "Akron is a very good team. Coach has a really good program. They have good players and good team chemistry. You know you're a good team when your best player scores nine points and everybody else fills in. The seniors (Middleton and Nick Dials) stepped up and hit some big shots."

I confirmed with Mack Rhoades that the rumor you may have seen is bogus.
J.D. Brookhart has not been fired.
I feel silly having to discredit a rumor from an anonymous poster, but the amount of detail made it seem legitimate. In the future, if you have a rumor you want me to pursue, please e-mail me and include your source. My address is and AIM screen name is MRasor0200.
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