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Dambrot shares LeBron's secret to success

By mrasor Published: May 28, 2009

Men's basketball
Sure, LeBron James is a physical freak, but since high school he has possessed the understanding of how to keep teammates happy, Keith Dambrot said on 89.7 WKSU this week.
"He's a freak mentally," said Dambrot, James' high school coach at St. Vincent/St. Mary's High School.
When St. Vincent/St. Mary's played a bad team, James would not try to score 50, Dambrot explained. James would try to pass the ball around and develop his teammates' skills, because he knew that those teammates would be essential to winning championships.
It is no surprise that James is playing a phenomenal postseason. When the game matters, James is a sure bet to arrive to the arena with a special passion.
Now that the Cavaliers sit in a 3-1 hole, a lot of fans expect the worst. Considering that this is Cleveland, it's not a bad tactic. Set low expectations and eliminate chances of disappointment.
I really, truly believe Cleveland will win this series. The teams will play tonight in Cleveland. The Cavaliers have only lost three games at The Q all season. If the Cavaliers win, the momentum shifts slightly. And if Mo Williams or Delonte West start hitting shots, the momentum shifts dramatically.
Game Six would become the swing game. Win it, and the series comes back to Cleveland, where the Cavaliers would be favored to advance to the Finals.
I have seen the statistics; teams rarely come back from 3-1 deficits. Let me tell you something else. This isn't the usual team that is down 3-1. This is a team with two home games remaining. This is a team that has been torched by red-hot 3-point shooting, which is a fickle dagger. This is a team with NBA Finals experience. This is a team with the best player in the world.
Yes, it does require a three-game winning streak against the NBA's hottest team. But no step along the way is improbable. If you want to give up on the Cavs as a coping mechanism, I understand that. Disappointment is a bitter beverage. But if you're truthfully analyzing Cleveland's chances, you must hold hope.

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