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By mrasor Published: September 30, 2006


Never did I think Kent State would blow out Akron, 37-15.

But it happened, and it was ugly...

  • Akron's run defense was OK. In fact, that was the team's strongest asset today.

  • The secondary and linebackers were atrocious at stopping the pass. (I hesitate to blame the players, because they were always out of position.) Two scenarios consistantly stung Akron. First, receivers would be wide open near the line of scrimmage. KSU quarterback Julian Edelman had this option anytime he wanted. Second, Edelman threw deep jump balls and Akron's cornerbacks just watched them sail into his receivers' hands.

  • Luke Getsy must start making plays when the Zips need them. Run blocking was lacking. Dennis Kennedy earned every yard he accumulated.

  • Someone on the defense must step up on crucial downs.

The Flashes are now 3-0 in the MAC while Akron falls to 0-2.

At this point in the season, Akron is about where many thought it would be: 2-3. Still, the Zips chances at a bowl game are decent.

The Zips need to be 7-5 for bowl eligibility. Here are the likely outcomes (from a slightly pessimistic point of view)...

  • At Cincinnati. Probably a loss.

  • Miami. Win.

  • At Toledo. Loss.

  • Bowling Green. Win.

  • Buffalo. Win.

  • At Ohio. Toss up.

  • Western Michigan. Win.

To sum up, Akron must knock off Cincinnati or Ohio. Those will be the most pivotal games the rest of the season.

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