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Edelman, Flashes confident

By mrasor Published: September 19, 2007

Julian Edelman
and Doug Martin told the ABJ's Stephanie Storm their plan on offense.
It's basically the same as last year.
Run the hurry-up offense to keep the Zips on their heels. Take advantage of Edelman's mobility and Eugene Jarvis' running ability. Then take shots downfield.
OK. Let me put it to you this way... Akron is a talented defensive team. No question about that. If the coaches can't figure out a plan to stop the same freaking scheme that burnt them last year, no one should keep their job. This is a rivalry game, a division game and a game that will affect attendance the rest of the season for both teams.
I like J.D. Brookhart. He's a nice guy. He obviously knows football. He's a great leader and excellent recruiter. But he MUST win this game, or at least show dramatic improvement from last year's debacle.
Men's basketball
The PD's Elton Alexander reports that Darryl Roberts and Brett McKnight (the true freshman, not the one who played last year) will become academically eligible in December.

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