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University of Akron Zips blog's bowl predictions

By mrasor Published: August 15, 2007

This time last year, I couldn't find enough time to post all the Web sites expecting great things out of the defending MAC Champion Zips.
If you've done any Web surfing, you'd know things are different now.
Experts expect five to seven wins out of the Zips -- at best. The Zips are absent from's bowl predictions. Also, the Zips got a 24 seed (in a four-region tournament) in's Ultimate National Championship bracket. The Zips "lost" 28-7 in the first round to No. 9 Arizona, whose brick wall defensive line stuffed Akron on three redzone opportunities.
In the MAC, a lack of respect is not necessarily a bad thing. Akron, with what seemed like a gaping hole at wide receiver and quarterback, stunned the nation in 2005. This team reminds me a lot of that one.

    If you have become annoyed with the minutia I report from camp (even though I really don't do it as badly as other bloggers),'s Page 2 sympathizes.
    Pat Forde of wrote an ode to trick plays. In a side-rant about ballsy plays (can I use that word?), he mentions J.D. Brookhart's decision to go for NC State's throat last season from the 3-yard line, rather than tying it up on a field goal. That, in my opinion, is Brookhart's finest coaching moment since he stepped on campus.
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