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Fans believe Akron will go 10-2

By mrasor Published: July 31, 2009

As I have broken down Akron's 2009 opponents, I have kept an eye on your votes.
The conclusion is that Zips fans are optimistic -- very optimistic. With 1085 votes tallied, Akron fans concluded that their team will win 10 games, losing only at Penn State and Central Michigan.
My predictions give the Zips a 7-5 record.
Below, I posted comments from fans about each game. At the end, you can vote for what record you believe the Zips will achieve.
@ Penn State
My prediction: LOSS
My comment:

If the Zips running backs are healthy and charging, the game could be close. I wouldn't count on it, but I also don't see a complete blowout. Akron 24, Penn State 44

Your prediction: LOSS (Penn State 68%, Akron 32% -- 119 votes)
One fan's comment from Nate:
I believe that Penn State's incoming freshman are too good of athletes for an experienced Akron team to compete with. Unfortunately, Penn State has an experienced quarterback and always has a decent group of linebackers. The quarterback will take apart our young secondary, and our running game will falter, like every other time we play a Big 10 defense. It's a potentially good showcase game, but we have no chance to win.

vs. Morgan State
My prediction: WIN
My comment:

At best, it's a storybook opening for a beautiful new stadium. At worst, it's a grind-it-out win. Akron 33, Morgan State 6

Your prediction: WIN (Akron 88%, Morgan State 12% -- 90 votes)
One fan's comment from Zach:
It won't even be close. So they have a great defense for a 1-AA team. We have a great offense at any level. CJ7 will fumble 6 times thanks to our Vince Okruch-coached linebackers.

vs. Indiana
My prediction: WIN
My comment:

Akron will trade touchdowns for Indiana field goals. Eventually, the game gets out of reach for the Hoosiers. Akron 38, Indiana 20

Your prediction: WIN (Akron 79%, Indiana 21% -- 87 votes)
One fan's comment from Dan:
Don't forget about Indiana's other defensive end, Middleton (I think). He was really good in 2007 but regularly double-teamed last season.

@ Central Michigan
My prediction: LOSS
My comment:

Akron will fall behind early before catching a rhythm on offense. LeFevour and the Chips never look back. Akron 35, CMU 49

Your prediction: LOSS (Central Michigan 72%, Akron 28% -- 132 votes)
One fan's comment from Captain Kangaroo:
Here is my prediction of the year — Dan Lefevour is damaged goods. Three consecutive years of playing Quarterback/Fullback has taken its toll. If I'm the CMU backup, I go into every game expecting to play. LeFevour left, LeFevour right, LeFevour middle has run its course.
Dan LeFevour will be beaten to a pulp by Arizona and Michigan State. The week off vs. Alcorn State won't help.
Zips roll in Mount Pleasant 31 – 23.

vs. Ohio
My prediction: WIN
My comment:

Ohio moves the ball steadily. Akron is sporadic. The Zips gain momentum after halftime and push ahead for a close victory. Ohio 27, Akron 28

Your prediction: WIN (Akron 79%, Ohio 21% -- 53 votes)
One fan's comment from Zach:
Akron will get out to an early lead and never look back.

@ Buffalo
My prediction: LOSS
My comment:

There are two great unknowns: How will Buffalo's quarterback progress? And can Akron pressure him? That's why I believe this close game will come down to turnovers. The tiebreaker is Roosevelt, who scares the living daylights out of me. Akron 27, Buffalo 28

Your prediction: WIN (Akron 78%, Buffalo 22% -- 72 votes)
One fan's comment from PSUgradStudent:
Akron's (beginning of the season) 3rd string runningback ran all over Buffalo. Their backfield is better (QB and RB) than last year and they only lost one O-lineman from their entire roster from last year. They also seem to have an improved defensive line this year.
Buffalo is not going to get 25-6 season out of a first year QB playing behind an inexperienced MAC line. Jaq is also a better QB than he is given credit for at Zipsnation. He had a solid 20-14 year. Yes he threw some interceptons, but he had was throwing the ball to a bunch of first year guys. Some of those INTs were deflected off of receivers. He was also forced to throw in a lot of bad situations.

@ Syracuse
My prediction: WIN
My comment:

Syracuse's defense gave up five touchdowns to the Zips in 2008. The defenders tackled like a flag-football game. That defense lost two of its best players. Akron's offense has another year of experience. Barring a vast turnover disparity, this should be a slaughter. Akron 49, Syracuse 28

Your prediction: WIN (Akron 77%, Syracuse 23% -- 92 votes)
One fan's comment from Zach:
Syracuse fans think that Paulus will instantly turn their team around and make it a winner. The fact is that they've had almost two dozen kids leave the program over the summer, which completely destroyed their depth. Paulus hasn't been under center for four years and while he may be an upgrade over their last QB, they got no help at any other position from their recruiting class.
This will be a blowout of monster proportions.

@ Northern Illinois
My prediction: LOSS
My comment:

Expect a low-scoring game. Akron's big linemen plug the holes to keep NIU's short, shifty running backs contained. NIU's backfield pressure and solid coverage prevent Akron's passing game from thriving. It comes down to field goals, and the accuracy of Huskies senior Mike Salerno pays off. Akron 13, Northern Illinois 16

Your prediction: WIN (Akron 69%, Northern Illinois 31% -- 89 votes)
One fan's comment from Zach:
I just can't see NIU winning this game. They're too one-dimensional.

vs. Kent State
My prediction: WIN
My comment:

The common sense answer is that Akron will pass effectively, and Kent State will struggle as Jarvis attempts to be a one-man show. This is a rivalry game, so I won't be surprised to see the Flashes win — even if they enter InfoCision Stadium without a win. Regardless… Kent State 13, Akron 31

Your prediction: WIN (Akron 82%, Kent State 18% -- 132 votes)
One fan's comment from Eric:
Okay, who voted for Kent State?
Get out the pitchforks, townspeople. We have some traitors on our hands…

vs. Temple
My prediction: WIN
My comment:

Akron consistently puts up points. Temple plays from behind all game. The Zips win a close one. Temple 26, Akron 31

Your prediction: WIN (Akron 65%, Temple 35% -- 110 votes)
One fan's comment from Zipinparadise:
"The Zips passing game will excel against almost every team on the schedule." Thus sayeth Mike Razor, and, if he is correct, Akron will be a bowl team. You can, however, place me in the bowl of skepticism, as I cannot give this passing attack more than a vote of inconsistency. I feel it is more likely Akron will depend on a consistently capable, though young, running game this year. Well, there's more than one way to skin a cat, or, uh, pluck an owl.

@ Bowling Green
My prediction: LOSS
My comment:

It's a road game late in the season. You need a winning attitude for these games — particularly when they mean something. Until I see a few practices or games, I'm not convinced this squad has one. It all depends on how well the Zips' defense is playing this time of the year. Akron 28, Bowling Green 31

Your prediction: WIN (Akron 65%, Bowling Green 35% -- 52 votes)
One fan's comment from Eric:
Yo, there's way too many votes for BG on that poll.
Anyways, I agree with both Zach and AzipsFan. I think the losing mentality combined with a lack of depth on the d-line hurt us bad. When it came to crunch time, Akron didn't have the mentality or the bodies to grind it out. If Akron comes into that game with a strong record we win. We have the numbers, now we just need that winning instinct.

vs. Eastern Michigan
My prediction: WIN
My comment:

As long as the Zips defense makes a few stops, Akron will win the season finale at InfoCision Stadium. Eastern Michigan 24, Akron 34

Your prediction: WIN (Akron 88%, Eastern Michigan 12% -- 57 votes)
One fan's comment from Rob:
Wow, 3 days after the fact and still not a single comment? Shows the kind of excitement playing Eastern Michigan creates! Lol.

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