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Feature on ZipsNation

By mrasor Published: April 18, 2006


I don't normally take pieces from contributors, but this story on has some good info.

If you didn't know, ZipsNation is the biggest fan site for Akron athletics. It is hard to follow the Zips like some of the members on the board.

I am also working on writing a short profile of the second fan site to pop up:

In the interest of full disclosure, this story is written by Catherine Stoynoff, the wife of the board's founder, Jason Stoynoff...

In 2001, Jason Stoynoff met other fans of Zips athletics as he was surfing the message forums of the Akron Beacon Journal. After several months of swapping opinions and insider information, the followers said the Beacon’s forums no longer met their needs. So they struck out on their own to a free message board site.

As more and more followers of the Zips found the site again, Jason said  the free sites didn’t offer the versatility that the members of the board demanded. They wanted to be able to go to one board to talk about all Zips athletics, not just football which had dominated the board up until that point.

In February, 2004, fellow Zips fan, Dan Savage, suggested that the die-hard members of the board throw in some money and move the site to a server that they could control. was born.

Dan is the main administrator of the board. Ryan Hendrickson helped to design it. Jason, Ryan and Marcel Ulrich serve as moderators, who are able to delete posts and ban unruly members.

"We proclaim ourselves the unofficial home of Zips athletics," Stoynoff said. "The board now has several forums including football, basketball, recruiting, soccer, AK Rowdies, general UA discussions, just to name a few."

At any time you might find members of University of Akron athletics department on ZipsNation.

"I can’t say who is or isn’t on the board," Stoynoff said. "We keep our identities a secret so we can speak our mind without getting anyone in trouble."

Two of the hot topics on ZipsNation right now are the potential for a new football stadium to replace the aging Rubber Bowl. Fans also are speculating on who will receive the final men's basketball scholarship.

"It is said that women like to gossip. But when it comes to Zips athletics, the guys on the board are just as bad," Stoynoff said. "No little detail is too small. We don’t want to miss anything."

The site boasted 2,780 unique visitors in February and 3,409 in March. As of April 1, the site had 431 registered members.

"We are happy with the traffic we get on the Nation," Stoynoff said. "There are a lot of differing opinions, which makes for an exciting board."

If you are interested in joining ZipsNation go to

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