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Ferguson to transfer?

By mrasor Published: January 12, 2006


In Northeast Ohio, the fan's most loved player is always the backup quarterback. No longer for Zips fans. A poster on says John Ferguson, Luke Getsy's backup, will transfer to Ashland to play for former Akron coach Lee Owens.

Ferguson has talent and will be successful at Ashland. However, the Zips shouldn't miss him. If all went to plan, he wouldn't get a start in his Akron career anyhow. Carlton Jackson, Chris Jacquemain and Sean Hakes should more than solidify the quarterback position. As one insider told me, Akron has five (now four) quarterbacks that anyone in the MAC would love to have.

Oh, and I forgot to mention something I read in Sports Illustrated last week. The magazine, which I think is the best sports magazine around, gave an indication on whether each bowl team's program was going up, or going down. Toledo was going down. Akron was going up.

Also, has created a fake tournament for college football. It lists the Zips as the 18 seed in the South bracket, winning its first game against No. 15 Kansas State. Next up - the Notre Dame Fighting Irish.

I've said this before, but a tournament - preferrably with 16 teams - would be terrific for the sport and its fans. Too bad, however, the big conference's commissioners will never let that happen. As an ESPN report said, they make way too much money doing it in this format to change.


Oh, and I've been telling several of you that Queen is making a resurgence thanks to Bad Company's Paul Rodgers on vocals. Here's a story from the ABJ confirming that. Rodgers makes you wonder why Freddie Mercury was in the band in the first place.

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