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First half notes

By mrasor Published: September 1, 2007

Akron leads Army 19-7 after the first half.

    Here are some key stats...
    Chris Jacquemain: 11-of-12 for 72 yards and one touchdown Jabari Arthur: 89 yards on nine receptions and one touchdown Dennis Kennedy: 50 yards on seven carries Army quarterback David Pevoto: 12-of-16 for 96 yards

    A narrative...
    Charlie Frye showed up in his usual loose-fitting clothes as the Zips' honorary captain.
    Bryan Williams opened the game with a 70-yard return. If not for a penalty, Akron would have scored a touchdown on that drive. Referees called back direct snap to Dennis Kennedy in which he reached the endzone. Igor Iveljic drilled a field goal to get the Zips on the board. Early in the game, Akron's offense consisted mainly of passes to the flat. Army soon figured out its defensive backs needed to cut back on the cushion.
    Reggie Corner picked off a Pevoto pass for a touchdown. It was the team's first interception for a score since ... (take this time to formulate a guess) ... Dwayne LeFall against Ohio in 2004. Try to keep your supper in your belly while you read this next statement: Iveljic missed the extra point wide left. Gulp.
    Carlton Jackson entered the game and moved the team fairly well, despite a couple bad throws and a questionable decision. That decision was a failure to throw the ball away. Instead, Jackson ran the ball out of bounds for a loss of five on first down. On the half, he was 3-of-5 for 29 yards. The drive concluded with an Iveljic field goal from 32.
    Sometimes tuba players have letters on their instruments that spell the school's name or a nickname. For Army, the tubas spell "W-A-R". I kid you not. Didn't the U.S. government change from the Department of War to Department of Defense in the early 1800s?
    Kris Kasparek got absolutely lit up after dropping a pass (Jacquemain's only incomplete pass). The defender rocketed the crown of his helmet into Kasparek's jaw, snapping the tight end's head back. It was gross, but there's no indication that Kasparek is hurt. No Zips tight end has caught a pass yet. That's a surprise to me.
    John Stec is punting with a rugby style kick. The distance appears to depend highly on the bounce the ball gets.
    Arthur made two outstanding catches on Akron's final drive of the half. The first, he was falling onto his back while grabbing the ball and dodging a cannonball defender at the same time. The second went for a touchdown. The judge originally ruled Arthur out of bounds on a leaping catch. A replay confirmed a Zips score, making it 19-7.
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