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Football recruiting and more

By mrasor Published: December 12, 2005


Coach J.D. Brookhart already landed a quality player in recruiting. ranks Andre Boone in the top 40, but says he's No. 147 among the nation's running backs. After reading's take on him, he sounds like a Maurice Clarett-type runner.

The Zips are also talking with several other recruits who are top 100 in the country for their positions. Desmond Brentley is among them. He is a quarterback from Pennsylvania who has been compared to former Bowling Green and Cleveland Browns quarterback Josh Harris. Scouting reports say he's a little inexperienced, but has potential to be a sleeper among a much-heralded high school QB class.

Among the Zips other top-50-for-their-position potential recruits are Donell Sanders (DE from Georgia) and Devin Cox (OG from Pennsylvania). Brookhart is also courting Mychael Compton (RB from Georgia), A.J. Simeon (RB from Florida), Vincent Cheves (ILB from Florida), Lamar Mapp (DE from Springfield, Ohio) and Dwayne Smith (S from Youngstown). Each player from the latter group is in the top 100 for their position.

If you expected a few national TV games would get Akron a bunch of top-50 overall recruits, you were wrong. It will take about five years of prominence to get the most coveted players. Rest assured, Akron is certainly improving its recruiting classes each year.

However, and this is a big however, I've heard rumblings that Chris Wells came in for a visit. Yes, the same Chris Wells who is the eighth best recruit in the country -- for any position. He is a running back from Garfield. His less-than-stellar senior season may have put in question his ability to start for four years at Ohio State, where he has verbally committed.

If you are on or around campus tomorrow, pick up one of the few issues of the Buchtelite's Motor City Bowl Extra edition. We didn't plan to produce another paper, but the Mid-American Conference didn't plan to see Akron in the Motor City Bowl. It's eight pages and full of interesting stories. I wrote one about Marty Bezbatchenko, the last Akron quarterback to play in a bowl game. He played in the Pioneer Bowl in 1976. The Pioneer Bowl was the national championship for Division II.

For those of you who are going on the bus ride to Detroit, you may pick one up then. The papers will be given out on the bus, or so says the "Nature Boy" Mike Waddell - our interim athletic director.

More on recruiting is coming. Stay tuned.

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