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Frye named starter

By mrasor Published: September 3, 2007

Charlie Frye will start Sunday against Pittsburgh.
The organization devoted two high draft picks to acquire Quinn, so he is the future. Phil Savage has said so explicitly. And Quinn has looked good in the preseason in regards to arm strength, accuracy and not staring down receivers, like Frye is prone to do.
As a Frye fan, I hate to admit this, but the former Zip is auditioning this season for his next team. His only hope is a repeat of the Drew Brees/Philip Rivers scenario in San Diego, which already shows some applicable parallels.
Men's soccer
Publications often amend their "style" for various reasons.
That being said, I am tired of checking and rechecking the spelling of Anthony Ampaipitakwong's name. From here on, I will refer to him as Double-A.
After earning offensive MVP of the Westfield Cup, Double-A earned MAC Offensive Player of the Week honors.

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