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By mrasor Published: October 6, 2007


    Some media clips from today:
    The ABJ's David Lee Morgan wrote about Jabari Arthur's career. The CFL team that drafted Arthur believes there's a good chance he'll be an NFL guy next year.
    The PD's Elton Alexander also wrote about Arthur, saying J.D. Brookhart wants to get him the ball 10 times a game.
    The Kalamazoo Gazette provides a fair assessment of the five keys to the game. Reporter Graham Couch's prediction is WMU 34, Akron 17.
    The game starts at 7 p.m. Tonight's game, as well as the two following it, do not appear to have television coverage. While you're listening to the game on the radio, you can vote for Zippy, who is battling a close fight against Joe Bruin of UCLA.
    Akron is an 8- or 8.5-point underdog. The over-under is 57 or 56.

Prediction: This game should be a great test for Akron. Western Michigan is an elite MAC team. The Zips won't face anyone better the rest of the year. If they can gain an early lead, WMU will pass. That's not the Broncos' strength (although they're not bad at it.)
You know what... I'll be frank. I don't see a way Akron wins this game unless the Zips are a completely different team offensively than I thought. Under Chris Jacquemain, a high-scoring offense doesn't seem possible. Brookhart needs to get Carlton Jackson in the game asap, considering WMU's poor run stopping.
If Jackson plays like he did against Indiana and Akron forces Tim Hiller into a lot of bad passes (preferrably interceptions), the Zips will be in the game until the end. If not, this could be a blowout.
Akron 20, Western Michigan 34
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