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By mrasor Published: October 13, 2007


    Media clips from today...
    A college football blog on says the Miracle at Kalamazoo should have gotten a ton more media coverage this week. I bet you it would have if the video quality wasn't so shoddy.
    J.D. Brookhart tells a Philadelphia newspaper that Temple has recruited Big East-type talent. Owls coach Al Golden, meanwhile, said his 1-5 team should receive a failing grade so far this season.
    Golden told the Philadelphia Inquirer he really likes his quarterback, Adam DiMichele, who can make plays with his arm or his feet (uh oh).
    The ABJ's David Lee Morgan writes that Temple is not that bad.
    The line remained fairly stagnant this week. Currently, Akron is a 10- or 11-point favorite. The over-under is 48.5 or 49.

My prediction -- Golden will have Temple geared up to win a second-straight game. Brookhart is preaching "no letdown" to his players. One will be disappointed. Although all my football sense tells me Akron will win the game, a suspicion persists that the Zips will lose. Throughout the Brookhart era, there have been plenty of blockbuster wins, but an equal amount of devastating losses. This evening's contest has all the looks of a trap game.
But I'll put aside my crazy thoughts for a minute. This game will turn on Akron's offensive line. If the Zips open holes for Bryan Williams, several benefits will follow. First, Temple will have to put more players in the box. Second, it will keep Temple's potent passing game off the field. Third, it will demoralize the young Owls. It's exactly what Buffalo did in the Bulls' 42-7 blowout win at Temple.
My degree of certainty on this prediction is low, but here it is...
Akron 27, Temple 14
Men's basketball
About 100 people showed up for the Zips practice last night, which took place concurrently with the Red Sox beatdown on C.C. Sabathia.
If you were one of the 100, please comment on how the event went and how the team looked.
This week is the second anniversary of this blog.
I remember its birth vividly. Mike Waddell, whom I consider the godfather of Zips sports, called me at about 8 a.m. on a school day. Waking up groggy, I listened to his suggestion that we start a blog to combat the lack of media coverage in the Akron Beacon Journal's print version. A year later, the ABJ took full control of the blog because the university wanted to exert too much control for my liking.
Recent stats show the Zips blog being No. 3 of all blogs on, behind the Cavs and Browns. I appreciate your patronage, especially those Zips fans who comment on a regular basis. If you have friends who are Zips fans, spread the word. I will give you a referral bonus. Awards to be announced once I find a job after graduation.
(Entertain yourself by reading my first post back in October 2005. What the heck made me think addressing myself in the third-person was a good idea?)
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