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By mrasor Published: September 22, 2007

This should be comparable to Christmas morning for you Zips fans.
It's time for redemption against Kent State.
Sure, the Zips trounced the Flashes three times in basketball last season, but it wasn't as sweet knowing the football team blew a chance at a clean sweep.
The Rowdies need to be rowdy. The Oldies need to be rowdy. Heck, I want to see Luis Proenza cold cock KSU president Lester Lefton for each time he dares to clap for a Flashes score in our stadium.

    Kent State is favored by 2. The line was 3.5 to begin the week.
    The Buchtelite talks about the seniors' desire to beat Kent.
    The ABJ's David Lee Morgan talks about the teams' differing offenses. (By the way, the fact that the weather today will be perfect works in Akron's favor.)

You might want a prediction out of me. I hate to do it, too, because these games are so darn unpredictable. Add that to my prejudice against ever considering KSU to be worthy of playing D-I football. I'll give it a shot.
I think it comes down to two factors: 1) Can Carlton Jackson take care of the ball? 2) Can Akron contain Julian Edelman?
Factor One -- Jackson played a great game last week, but let's hope he remembers J.D. Brookhart's First Commandment: Thou Shalt Not Turn the Ball Over. Don't get too cute with passes. If the play isn't there, tuck it and run. That's right, tuck it. None of this holding the ball like a cantaloupe business. There's nothing wrong with playing conservative early in the game while gaining field position.
Factor Two -- My momma told me it's OK to make mistakes as long as you learn from them. Akron made a big mistake last year in underestimating Edelman, and particularly his running ability. Sure, Indiana's Kellen Lewis ran all over Akron last week, but he will be running over a lot of defenses on Sundays, too. Edelman is elusive, but he looks like you or me (not counting your beer gut). Any failure to plan for his tendency to leave the pocket is unforgiveable. Back in the day, teams used to say "Let's make John Paxson beat us." And if he does drill that shot, you could go to bed knowing you planned your best against their primary attack ( Michael Jordan). I will be able to sleep easy tomorrow if Akron puts a spy on Edelman and restrains his liberty. If Kent happens to be the better team in other ways, so be it.
Prediction -- Akron coaches are well aware of both my keys to the game. I think this team will be as prepared and fired up as you have ever seen it. ( John Mackey promised me Edelman's scalp. He might have been serious.) The Zips have great leaders who will not let Akron lose because of a lack of effort. Kent State wins only in the case of a serious discrepancy in turnovers.
Akron 24, Kent State 13
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