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Getsy and Arthur among bowl elite

By mrasor Published: December 30, 2005


It's a slow news day around the Zips. So I'll report what I found on ESPN 2's bottom line. In bowl season, Luke Getsy is the second-leading passer. Jabari Arthur is the third-leading receiver.

In other news, it looks like the Browns will fire general manager Phil Savage. As I sat at my desk at the Beacon Journal, I noticed it on I showed it to Terry Pluto, who was shocked. I'm shocked as well. After finding the gem of the third round in Charlie Frye, Savage is being fired for "philosophical differences in salary-cap management"? Come on.

I've heard this may actually be about Frye, that Savage might not be his biggest fan, while owner Randy Lerner is. That's just hearsay though.

Pluto said Savage seemed a little downtrodden when they spoke yesterday. Who knows.

Maybe the philosophical difference is that Savage wanted the team to stop sucking.


My old boy Dan Kadar, editor in chief of the Buchtelite (UA's student paper), wrote a killer story about Fear the Roo gear in the ABJ. It tells a lot of interesting things I didn't know about Fear Gear.

Read it and you'll realize that associate athletic director Mike Waddell is a reporter's dream. You could get an interesting quote out of him about anything.

Reporter: Mike, what do you think about the harvest season in Winchester, Wyo.?

Waddell: The growing season is blowing up like an explosion on the sun. I'd ride that bottle rocket as far as it takes me.

In other miscellany, a CBSportsline columnist says he was wrong when he said there are too many bowl games, in part because of the Akron-Memphis game.

I saw this a few weeks ago but forgot to post it. The bowls give out a prize package to each player. Here's what the Zips got.

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