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Getsy has third-biggest shoes to fill

By mrasor Published: July 23, 2007

Whoever wins the quarterback job will have high expectations, according to
Akron's passer is the third-most important position to fill in the MAC, the site says. The writer expects Ohio and a resurgent Miami to battle for the East crown, although he mentions Akron as a solid program not to be counted out.
I'm a bit surprised not many fans have discussed who they would like to see as the starting quarterback. It's the biggest position battle the team has seen in two years when Luke Getsy took the job over Jabari Arthur.
In Carlton Jackson, you have a total athlete with a great arm. (In fact, recruiting sites listed him as an athlete, not a quarterback, coming out of Pompano Beach, Fla.) But you have some character concerns, as Jackson was suspended last season.
In Chris Jacquemain, you have a good option-running quarterback who won't lose the game for you, but probably won't win it either.
In Sean Hakes, you have a combination of the two, with the added bonus of an extra year of eligibility in front of him. He has struggled, however, to limit interceptions in practice.
Who do you guys like?

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