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Hits and misses on Akron-related eBay items

By mrasor Published: May 23, 2009

I am slowly becoming an eBay addict. I mean, items can be sooo cheap. And it buying with clicks can be sooo much quicker than driving to the store and looking through aisles.
In the past two weeks, I have bought five useful items for my iPod and cell phone -- all cheaper than $5 (and that includes the shipping). So let's take a look at how the eBay phenomenon translates to Akron merchandise.

    Items I'm tempted to buy
    "Fear the Roo" garden flag -- Let your Ohio State-obsessing neighbors know you vehemently disapprove of their bandwagoning -- but do it with elegance. Price: $14.98 after shipping.
    Zips logo address labels -- With a 'roo sticker, your outgoing mail might arrive sooner. You get 42 labels per order. Price: $3.70 after shipping.
    Jabari Arthur rookie card -- You can't deny the camp value in anything relating to Jabari, especially if you've met him. At this price, you might want to purchase a dozen and give them out as party favors for the first tailgating experience at InfoCision Stadium. Price: $3.98 after shipping

    Items that I cannot believe someone is selling
    1997 Homecoming T-shirt -- This extra-large seller does not mention whether this "gently worn" shirt comes with pit stains. I wouldn't rule it out. The decal can't get much hokier. I suppose if you're in a scavenger hunt, finding this item would be exciting. Otherwise, uhh... Price: $20.74 after shipping.
    Akron vs. Buffalo football tickets -- This is your chance to guarantee seats at UB Stadium on Oct. 17, 2009. Let's be realistic. Even if Akron and Buffalo enter this game both ranked in the top 25, you could get through the gates for less than $10. Price: $47.04 per ticket.
    Akron vs. Penn State parking pass -- I have a friend from law school who is NUTS about Penn State football. He tailgates every game in Happy Valley. He said the cost of a parking pass is astronomical. Still... Price: $104 after shipping.
    Motor City Bowl ticket stub -- It's not a horrible idea to sell this item. Somewhere, a Memphis or Akron fan might be looking to complete a collage of the 2005 season. I recently cleaned out my desk drawer and threw away my Motor City Bowl stub. Who knew I could've turned it into a sub sandwich? Price: $6.59 after shipping.
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