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Ianello named head coach

By mrasor Published: December 10, 2009

Already with plans to implement a Notre Dame-style passing attack and a 4-3 defense, Rob Ianello was introduced as Akron's new football coach today.
I'm struggling to understand how so many fans can be so prejudicial about this hiring. Did you interview each candidate? Were you sitting in on the conversations between Luis Proenza and Tom Wistrcill? Have you done background checks and held in-depth conversations with references?
Ianello, like Wistrcill, deserves a fair chance to implement his plans. So many people in sports (heck, politics, too) think they know everything because they read the newspaper or watch the 24-hour networks. Truth is, it's rare when people at this level lack a reasonable explanation for their actions -- particularly monumental ones like hiring a football coach. If Wistrcill and Proenza settled on Ianello, they didn't do it because they didn't want "a big name." They didn't choose Ianello "because they're enamoured with Notre Dame." There's no favoritism going on.
When you make a decision like this, it's foolish to say you want ONE THING from your coach. The danger in that is, you'll get what you want. Running a football program is about leadership. The next great head football coach could be anywhere. Akron won't get a can't-miss finished product as a head coach. The same goes for recruiting players.
Anyone can sit in an armchair and complain about a coach he's never heard of. But not everything has to be black and white. No, we don't know that Ianello is the 2010 MAC Coach of the Year. No, we don't know that Ianello is not worthy of the job. Chill out, people. How would you like to walk into a job where people are already calling you a failure?

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