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By mrasor Published: December 20, 2005


On Thanksgiving, most people were thankful for family, friends, etc. I was, too. But my list also included ESPN Insider, where Rich Podolsky predicted the Zips to beat Memphis. If you have Insider, here's the link.

I can't post it here. It would be illegal. However, Podolsky said Akron's defense has improved. Luke Getsy can light up a scoreboard as easily as any QB. And Akron's fans will make a strong showing. That's why, despite a huge day from DeAngelo Williams, the Zips will win Dec. 26. By the way, the Tigers are a five-point favorite in Vegas.

Also, I don't subscribe to the Sporting News, but a reader informed me via Instant Messenger that four out of its five experts picked Akron in a close game over Memphis.

For what it's worth, a 6-9, 320 lb. offensive lineman will transfer to Akron from Minnesota. Jason Sekinger was ranked as a two-star player when he was recruited last year. So nothing all that noteworthy, especially since he has to sit out next year.

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