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Interview with a Temple blogger

By mrasor Published: November 11, 2009

I asked Dave at The Owls Nest a few questions about Temple. Here are his answers...

1) What is your reaction to Bernard Pierce's amazing season? Can you describe how he runs?
After seeing some highlights films of Pierce prior to arriving at Temple, many Temple fans knew this kid had potential. He was a powerful, well-built back coming out of high school. I expected sophomores Kee-ayre Griffin and Ahkeem Smith to take over the running back position for the 2009 season. To be honest, I'm not sure many expected to see the results that Bernard has shown so far. I really wish we would have seen him more against Villanova and Penn State. Who knows where we could be now with him starting the beginning of the season.
2) Who are the impact players on Temple's defense?
Temple's defense is made up of many impact players. For one, the defensive line has played extremely well when defending the run these past few weeks. Senior Andre Neblett, sophomore Muhammad Wilkerson, and sophomore Adrian Robinson have played extremely well getting to the quarterback more than ever on the d-line. At linebacker, Alex Joseph and Peanut Joseph (no relation) have been quite impressive this season. In the secondary, both safeties Dominique Harris and Jaiquawn Jarrett have made great strides towards improvement since last year.
3) What is your prediction for Friday?
For both teams, there's no calling for an "easy win". This game will be hard fought, as Akron in my opinion has the ability to take out any quality MAC team. This is definitely going to be a down to the wire game, with both teams firing back and forth.

Click here to read my responses to his questions.
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