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Jacquemain suspended indefinitely

By mrasor Published: September 18, 2009

In a stunning move before the one of the biggest home games in team history, Akron suspended three-year starting quarterback Chris Jacquemain for a violation of team rules.
As a result, Matt Rodgers will lead the team against Indiana on Saturday. Presumably, the second-stringer will be walk-on Jared Wackerly from North Canton.
According to Tom Gaffney's story, team officials would not comment on the specific cause of the suspension. Jacquemain was also suspended in 2007 for an unspecified violation.
Jacquemain also seemed like a hard worker in practice. During camp, I asked coach J.D. Brookhart about potential offensive captains. He named the four senior receivers, the seniors on the offensive line and Alex Allen. There was no mention of his three-year signal caller.
In 2007, coaches gave Rodgers a good look at being the starter over Jacquemain and Carlton Jackson because of his ability to pick up the offense quickly. Rodgers redshirted that year. In 2008, Rodgers only saw the field in mop-up time. This season, Rodgers leads the team in rushing with 65 yards. He has completed 3-of-8 passes for 24 yards.
In my opinion, Rodgers has always been the player with the higher ceiling. Because of his inexperience and sporadic playing time, he has never found a rhythm with his receivers. But his scrambling ability was evident during the win over Morgan State. Wackerly played the final series against Morgan State, but he did not throw a pass.

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