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Job security -- Porter's contract extended through 2020

By mrasor Published: December 17, 2010

Men's soccer
Coach Caleb Porter might have one of the longest employment contracts in the nation right now.
This week, the university extended his deal into the next decade, in what is a show of commitment to the national championship-winning coach.
In coaching contracts, the university is the only party at risk. Generally, the coach can bolt tomorrow if he pleases, but the university is stuck with him if things turn south (or fire him and pay through the end of the term). Regardless, Porter's public statements provide hope that Akron is not just a career stop.
From the release:

"I am loyal to Akron and I want to leave a legacy for Akron Soccer. I am proud of our program and the success we have had. Over the last five years, the friendships I have made and the support we have received from our alumni, fans and the AK-Rowdies brings meaning to what we do. I look forward to building on our tradition of excellence for many years to come."

On a side note: Somebody on said Akron should honor the soccer team during the game when Kent State visits Rhodes Arena. I think that's a fantastic idea.
Men's basketball
I plan to liveblog from Akron's 2 p.m. game tomorrow against Bethune-Cookman.
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