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Kent's coach boasts recruiting victory over Akron

By mrasor Published: February 5, 2010

Known kook Doug Martin took a shot at Akron on Signing Day:

Everyone knows that Akron has made a lot of improvements to their campus and we went head-to-head with one kid, and that was Richard Gray and we got him. We always try to talk to players, whether we get them or not, to find out what the difference was. Talking to Richard, the difference was the people. Our administrators were at every recruiting weekend. That makes a big difference to families.

Dear Coach Martin,
A few things...
1) Akron did not offer a scholarship to Gray, the No. 147 defensive end in the nation, according to both and
2) You said, "the difference was the people." As you might soon learn firsthand, a college sometimes fires its football coach. That happened at Akron. So, during one of the most critical recruiting months, you were recruiting against Akron's grad assistants. Quite a coup for you, indeed. And "the difference was the people."
3) Gray might be a serviceable player, but is he worth puffing out your chest and poking your rival? Even in your best year and Akron's worst, the Zips still mustered strength to dust you up. Isn't that the more dispositive fact here?
Sincerely, Mike

Men's basketball
While I'm pouncing on coaches, I'll mention a conversation with Keith Dambrot after Wednesday's game.
I called him "his majesty" a couple weeks ago. You know, tongue in cheek. So Keith wanted to know why. Before I could explain that, it's a good-natured ribbing for a coach that doesn't get much, Tom Gaffney nudged me and said, "He has a persecution complex."
He's right! Dambrot wants to believe that everyone hates him. When Elton Alexander criticizes his scheduling, when I criticize his offense, when anyone on says anything but praise for his program, Dambrot gets fidgety.
Dear Coach Dambrot,
Please stop being so concerned that your job is perpetually in jeopardy. By my estimate, you would need three consecutive losing seasons and considerable off-the-court problems for serious Zips fans to consider whether you're still the right person for the job. It would probably take another two awful seasons before Luis Proenza would let anyone even take away your parking space.
In short, you have more job security than Antonin Scalia.
Also, when you hear criticism, don't take it personally. We're the media. This is what we do. Reasonable people disagree, and critically thinking reasonable people disagree even more often. Despite what I say, or what some idiots on say, you're the best coach Akron has, or will ever have.
In the future, take criticism as advice from people who know considerably less than you on a given subject, not as people who want you fired.
Sincerely, Mike

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