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Kiki not done

By mrasor Published: December 28, 2005


Well, I was wrong about Kiki Gonzalez. Unless something changes, he will be back next year, which is very good news.

The defense will be outstanding. It will lose Brian White and Jay Rohr, but as associate athletic director Mike Waddell pointed out, Akron fans will be introduced to Nathaniel Robinson.

Who is Nate Robinson? Out of high school in 2003, he was THE CONSENSUS BEST DEFENSIVE TACKLE IN THE NATION.

Right now, the Zips are trying to bring in a four-star recruit or two, which would be a major coup. Well, Robinson was a five-star recruit in 2003. He originally committed to play at Miami. Then he changed his mind and signed with Rutgers.

The 6-foot-4, 319 pound New Jersey native played some in 2003 and 2004. He showed his quickness and talent during those 14 games his freshman and sophomore years. He sat out 2005 due to transfer rules.

How good will he be for Akron? Waddell said he could be MAC Player of the Year next year as a junior.

The Sporting News also reported that Marion Terry, Antoine Hight, Kevin Garner and touted freshmen Terricko Marshall and Clarence McPherson will dramatically improve the Zips defense.

During my conversation with Waddell, he said that the billboards in Detroit were more than just a waste of money, as I wrote. The billboards also are meant to target potential students and student-athletes in that area. The competition is intense for recruits in Michigan with three MAC schools and two Big 10 teams. However, these trips to Detroit should help wedge UA further into that competition.

Waddell also said that all the money spent with billboards and advertisements in the Detroit newspaper has made Akron an elite bowl prospect. In his words, if Akron is 7-5 next year and two MAC schools go to bowl games, the Zips will be one of the teams.

An offensive lineman also committed to Akron last week. News reports spell his name either Cory or Corey Woods. And he is either an offensive tackle or offensive guard. does not regard him very highly, as you will see if you click the link.

Oh yeah. And can someone get Brookhart a contract extension?

Men's basketball

As I wrote earlier, Bubba Walther wanted to go to Winthrop. Don't be surprised if he goes to another MAC school. He could be suited up for Ohio University by midseason next year. That would pour some gasoline on a warming rivalry.

Before committing to Akron, Walther was recruited by Winthrop, Eastern Michigan and Evansville. Those also have to be options for him.

Men's soccer

The search for a new coach will intensify next week, the Akron Beacon Journal reports.

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