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Kooky quotes from Doug Martin

By mrasor Published: October 2, 2008

Kent State coach Doug Martin has always struck me as being kind of eccentric.
I have seen several quotes in the paper that make me say, "What?!" Laing Kennedy has assured the media that Martin has job security heading into this season. Still, every time he talks to a reporter, it sounds like he's about to get canned. Excuses and exaggerations abound.
I compiled some of them for your enjoyment. Perhaps he can use my compilation as a scrapbook of sorts...
Date: Sept. 9, 2008 Topic: On the new NCAA play clock rule Quote: "I just hate that the game is being shortened because you want your players to decide the game." Comment: ...Because it's someone else's fault when you can't get lined up in time.
Date: Sept. 6, 2008 Topic: On scheduling Quote: ''I don't mind playing BCS teams at all, but I'd love to start off with a I-AA game to start the season. Just to get a better idea of where we are instead of still going into a game like Iowa [State] with a few questions remaining and some uncertainty.'' Comment: Yeah, those I-AA teams really give you an idea of "where you are," considering your entire season is played against I-A teams.
Date: July 30, 2008 Topic: On last season's 3-9 season Quote: ''I think we are really close. I think we were there last year if we don't have the injuries at quarterback." Comment: Yikes. One position can be the difference between 3-9 and a MAC East title??? I would focus more on the defense giving up almost 30 points per game.
Date: Nov. 28, 2007 Topic: On two KSU players receiving All-MAC awards Quote: "Our talent level has greatly improved and these awards validate that fact even more. The best part is that we'll have 19 starters back next season." Comment: Hellooooo, McFly!? You went 3-9 after winning six games the year before. If the talent level is improving, that means something is regressing.
Date: Sept. 2, 2006 Topic: On the spies within KSU's football program Quote: "We're not going to comment on any injuries, period. I'm not doing that anymore. Too many things have been leaked out." Comment: Martin lamented that someone within his program has been leaking information to MAC rivals for the past two years. Funny, this angry quote came after a 44-0 loss to Minnesota. So what does ole' Martin do? He shuts down practice to the media, who could not possibly have been the internal source of leaks. Also, if you talk about injuries, aren't you limiting the amount of leak-able information? KSU needs 007. I'm surprised Martin, in his fury, did not call up Sean Connery to solve this caper. Here's a funny one-liner from the ABJ's column: "Besides, no photographer wanted to play paparazzi for a team that went 1-10 last season."
If you have other nominations, please post them.
By the way, Kent State fans... Before you start whining that Martin is a swell guy, realize that I'm just as hard on J.D. Brookhart. No football coach should get a free pass in the media. They're paid too much for that.

    Here are some news clips...
    The Zips are now 3.5-point favorites on Saturday with the over-under at 50.5. I would take Akron with the spread and the under. I see this as a grinding, low-scoring game. My prediction of 28-21 is probably on the high end, scoring-wise. mentions that the Zips' turnover differential of +1 is No. 18 in the nation. Also, the Zips are third in the MAC in redzone defense. Those are two key stats that make your defense a lot better than it looks. No one would say the Zips defense is a brick wall, allowing few yards. But certainly, it is not a unit that allows a team to march up and down the field.
    The PD's Elton Alexander reports that Bryan Williams has been itching to play offense again.
    Elton has some good stuff in his blog. He mentions that DeVoe Torrence has been getting more reps in practice. A few days ago, I said the coaches should burn Torrence's redshirt. Now, I'm not so certain. If they can get five to 10 carries out of Williams, Gary Pride and/or Jeremy Bruce, it should be sufficient. But if the coaches aren't confident in that trio's ability to produce (and Torrence is looking good in practice), there is no point in looking four years in the future. Who knows if Torrence will even be here then? Who knows if Akron's recruiting stock will increase by then? There are too many "ifs" to be preserving a player at this point.
    The ABJ's Stephanie Storm reports that the Akron game is much-needed for the Flashes, who are 1-4 and possibly need some motivation.
    In the Record-Courier, Julian Edelman mentions my high school (Stow) and says Saturday is a one-game MAC Championship for Kent State.
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