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LeBron pumps up Akron at Rhodes Arena

By mrasor Published: May 2, 2010

Men's basketball
I never thought I'd see Usher on the University of Akron's campus.
But that's the sort of sideshow you get when the best basketball player in the world grew up here and wants to do anything to boost the city's profile.
As George Thomas pointed out, LeBron James ducked a question about leaving in free agency. In doing so, however, he talked up his hometown:

"This is home for me. I love this place. I love Akron, Ohio, to death. Everyday I wake up, I understand that I'm not only carrying myself as an individual, but I'm carrying the city. No matter where life may head me throughout my whole life, I'm never gone from here."

The MVP ceremony brought more fans to Rhodes Arena than most men's basketball home games. That really shouldn't surprise anyone. This is Northeast Ohio's chance for a national championship. I posted some pictures taken by a friend, Katelyn Rimmel...

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