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By mrasor Published: October 14, 2005

Welcome to Mike Rasor's blog. You may know Rasor's exploits from his column in the Buchtelite, the newspaper at the University of Akron. In "The Rasor's Edge," Mike can be ruthless or praising, hopelessly negative or unabashedly optimistic. Sometimes he simply points out trends in sports.

Expect the same with "Rasor on the Zips." Rasor may be a UA employee, but believe him when he says he'll take any shot at the Zips that is necessary.

Here are some examples of his commentary to whet your appetite.

Ruthless toward women's basketball and Jeff McInnis

Praising toward men's basketball

Hopelessly pessimistic (and clairvoyant) toward Paul Silas

Unabashedly optimistic toward UA/Cleveland sports

Pointing out the defensive trend in Northeast Ohio

Men's soccer is No. 1 in the country. The football team is young and improving. This season is shaping up to be one of historical proportions on campus. So pay attention to "Rasor on the Zips." Set this site in your list of Favorites. You won't be disappointed.

Coming Saturday

A rundown of the Zips Season Premier. Rasor was rough on the women's basketball team last year. Find out what he has to say about the women's hopes this season. Also, get Rasor's scouting report on how the Zips' Jeremiah Wood and Nick Dials look to be recovering from knee surgery.

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