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Live updates: Akron football spring game

By Mike Rasor Published: April 21, 2012


Keep refreshing your browser for updates live from InfoCision Stadium...

Before the game started, there was a skirmish between Jawon Chisholm and Troy Gilmer.

Cornerback Emmanuel Lartey is out with a concussion that he suffered last weekend.

It looks like the White defense and the Blue offense are comprised of the starters for the respective units. Last year, the format was offense vs. defense because of a lack of depth.

Bowden Ball began with a 97-yard kickoff return for a touchdown by Tyler Williams. It was more about good blocking than anything else.

Blue 7, White 0 - 11:50 First Quarter

Quarterback Dalton Williams threw a strike over the middle for a 20-yard gain. He's leading the second-team offense for Blue. He has now thrown four consecutive passes to sophomore receiver Jared Fagnano.

Williams hit Marquelo Suel with a pass over the middle for a touchdown. Williams has been surprisingly accurate. He didn't throw one bad ball out of his first 11 passes (nine completions, one drop).

Blue 7, White 7 - 8:56 First Quarter

The question will be, who lines up with the Blue first stringers: Kyle Pohl or Clayton Moore? That would be the player who you could say is leading the race to be starting quarterback.

Moore got the ball, and we immediately got flashbacks of last year. The quarterback held onto the ball too long and was sacked. On the next play, it was a delayed handoff for a safety.

Blue 9, White 7 - 8:24 First Quarter

Special teams have been quite shoddy so far. Besides the easy touchdown, there has a been a fumble, a kickoff that only made it to the 30-yard line, and two ugly extra points. In these games, you're looking for quality play. That's not what we're getting from special teams.

In spite of that 37-yard scramble, Moore looks bad. That is all.

A.J. Fox's attempt at a 37-yard field goal was horrendous. The ball never got higher than 15 feet off the ground.

I can't understand why the first-team offense has only one handoff. Your best player is the running back (Chisholm). Get him the dadgum ball!

Williams has been deadly accurate on short and mid-range passes. You'll notice he has a hitch in his sidearm throwing motion. On passes longer than 20 yards, he hasn't been so good.

There are only eight healthy offensive linemen today. This dilemma is why the prior coaching staff went with the offense v. defense format.

The first-team defense is getting to Moore at will. It doesn't help that Moore is hanging onto the ball so long. He was sacked three times in the first quarter.

Kyle Pohl has taken over the second-team offense. He showed good footspeed on a scramble.

The weather today is lousy. It's cold and drizzling. The university has allowed fans to access the club level so they can stay warm. Outdoor attendance is sparce. Maybe 100 people. That's being generous.

Smith nearly made an amazing diving catch toward the sideline. This guy is running great routes, getting open and showing ball skills -- more than what you'd expect from a safety.

Williams overshot his receiver, and the ball hit cornerback DeAndre Scott right in the belly. The freshman returned it to the Blue12-yard line. On the next play, Pohl connected with Suel on a curl route for a touchdown.

Blue 16, White 7 - 9:17 Second Quarter

Bill Alexander picked off a cross-field pass from Williams. Alexander took it 40 yards for a touchdown.

Blue 23, White 7 - 7:10 Second Quarter

I think we've found Williams' weakness: arm strength. His sidearm style seems to prevent him from getting any ummph behind the longer throws. You can run an offense without taking strikes downfield, but it hurts the running game when you're incapable of keeping the safeties honest.

Defensive end Albert Presley needed to be helped off the field after Chisholm blocked him around the knee area. For a spring game, that's not cool.

After a slow start, Chisholm has become a bigger part of the game.

Pohl threw a lazer 20 yards downfield. He appears to have the strongest arm of the bunch. Being a redshirt freshman helps his chances to start, as well. Pohl's youth gives him two more years in the program than Moore and three more than Williams. In a rebuilding process, that's quite important.

Williams, on the other hand, looks like he's best equipped to move the offense. He just lacks the home-run capability.

Williams threw a heater to Dylan Potts on a short slant for his second touchdown today.

Blue 23, White 14 - Halftime

Hallelujah. We're doing a running clock in the second half. They want this to conclude before 5 p.m.

Moore pitched a ball over the defense to Suel for Suel's third touchdown catch.

Blue 30, White 14 - 7:57 Third Quarter

If Akron was a team that could compete for the MAC title, I would endorse Williams as the starter. Because that's not realistic, I'm going with Pohl.

Broderick Alexander burst through the line for his first touchdown. He has looked good today.

Blue 37, White 14 - 7:57 End of Third Quarter

This has nothing to do with football, but I am convinced that Jose Canseco is insane. His Twitter account has some of the weirdest things you can imagine. Today, Jose asks his followers whether they hold their girlfriends' hair as they vomit. What?!

Here's a shout-out to George Thomas, who has provided Zips with the best coverage of spring football in the MAC. Good coverage is an asset to the fanbase and to the program.

Moore is leading the Zips on a successful drive by placing some touch passes into tight spots. The balls he throws seem to hang in the air too long. But recently, they've hit the targets.

Dee Frieson is a favorite target for Moore. Frieson has eight catches for 86 yards. Suel has three touchdowns. But Smith is the surprise of them all, with 13 catches for 107 yards.

Bryce Cheek carved into the line for a touchdown. He's listed as a cornerback on the roster.

Blue 44, White 14 - 7:46 Fourth Quarter

We have seen a wide disparity with passing attempts (93 so far) and rushing attempts (28).

The 44-14 score says the following: The first-team defense is ahead of the first-team offense. The second-team offense is ahead of the second-team defense.

Quentin Hines ran for a 37-yard touchdown. The senior running back joined the team in January, after transferring from Morehead State. He originally played for Cincinnati.

Blue 44, White 21 - 6:03 Fourth Quarter

Alexander burst through on a long run before being tackled at the goalline. Williams capped the drive with a fade pass to Tyrell Goodman, who converted to receiver from quarterback.

Blue 51, White 21 - 4:25 Fourth Quarter

 Final score - Blue 51, White 21



"I don't want to make too much of a first impression. I enjoyed what I saw. It was a fun day out there. As you know, it was ones against ones. But the offensive linemen went both ways. My number one defense didn't give up but 14 points. We were bottom three in the nation in defense last year. So that's an improvement."

"I did see my offensive players make some plays, too."

"We didn't get anyone seriously hurt."

"In a lot of ways, we're imitating the offense we want to run and we're imitating the defense we want to run. We're not there. I would say some of it is talent. Some of it is that we only had 15 days to look at everything. I don't think I can tell you right now that we're a competitive MAC school just yet."

On QBs: "Every one of them did something good. 8 has a fiery nature. 13 shows you that he understands the offense. He gets rid of the ball so quick that you don't get sacks. 16 showed you his potential, although he had a slow start today. If one of them would have clearly outdone the other ones, it would have made things easier on me. We'll pick a quarterback. We just won't pick one now."

"The defense showed a lot of maturity. I saw great togetherness."

"13 has a good control of the offensive scheme."

On special teams: "We just put a bunch of guys there who had never repped it. The kicks were low line drives. I don't think we have a handle on that. I don't think the kicking was put in to see where we are, but to give the fans a sense of a game situation."

"I still see a lot of opportunity (for incoming freshmen). Playmakers. Guys who can take the ball out of the backfield and go 80 yards. Receivers who can catch the deep ball are essential. For line, I don't see you come in as a freshman. A skill player, an edge player, can really help us."

"Suel has had kind of an average spring. He's one of the guys who we thought we could count on. Maybe he's a gamer."

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