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Liveblog: Press conference announcing Terry Bowden

By mrasor Published: December 28, 2011


I'm covering the Terry Bowden press conferences from the seventh floor of InfoCision Stadium. It's not open to the public, but most of the school's bigger supporters are in attendance.

Steve French and Joe Dunn are announcing/emcee'ing the event.

President Luis Proenza and Coach Terry Bowden will be speaking. Do you have a question for Coach Bowden? Tweet it at me @mrasor0200.

Bowden received a nice applause upon entering the room.

Dunn nailed Bowden with a joke: calling him a nose guard.

Proenza quotes:

"Terry, I've had a great week getting to know you."

Tom Wistrcill quotes:

"It's certainly an exciting time to be an Akron Zip."

"I want to thank our former players for reaching out and helping us find a coach."

"One month ago, we announced a change in the direction of our football program. I stood in front of our team and promised to deliver them . . . a coach to bring them a championship program."

What the committee wanted: an experienced head coach or coordinator, someone with knowledge of northeast Ohio, and a history of success.

"We interviewed a select group of candidates. We feel like we found the right leader at the right time. The man knows how to coach."

Terry Bowden quotes:

"I want to tell you how excited, sincerely excited, I am to be at the University of Akron."

"The things that I've seen, the stadium, the indoor facility. The last time I was here, you could drive cars through the middle of campus."

"I had a wonderful time the year that I've lived here."

"When you become a football coach in a community, you become important to that community in so many ways. I look forward to being a part of this community."

"I know it's going to take a lot for us to have success that we want to have. It's not just a one-man show. We need to commit ourselves as players, as coaches, our administration and our staff."

"I believe I'm the right guy for the job. I ask each of our Akron family to be a part of that."

"It's going to take great recruiting. I'm in the process of putting together a staff. I guarantee you that staff is going to be one that is committed to embrace all that the University of Akron is about, not just athletically, but academically."

"We are going to put together a staff that can help me, that have a good, strong knowledge of the area. It will start with recruiting northeast Ohio. We have to get our share."

"I was so impressed when I walked on this campus. We can show them that Akron can be a difference-maker in their life."

"There is a formula for us to be successful at Akron. I'm not sure I can tell you what that formula is, but I know we will find it, and we will find it early. I guarantee we will win at Akron, and we will compete for MAC Championships, and we will take back the Wagon Wheel."

"The right coach is going to find a way to win. Coaches can coach and recruiters can recruit. If I can't go into a school and sell a young man on this school, I'm not a good recruiter."

On the Rubber Bowl: "You had to be careful of the rats, I hate to say it."

"I can't tell you the reason why some team did not win as much as they could. I know in my heart, it's fixable. We have the athletes in this part of the state that compete with anybody in the country. You see them on rosters throughout the country."

"I was looking at schools. There were three or four. I've had my eye on them. I sold my heart out because I wanted to be here. The next day they offered me the job."

"When I left Auburn, I was disillusioned. I got offered a couple of jobs and turned them down. ABC called and asked if I wanted to work at ABC. It was probably the greatest fun job in the world, getting paid to watch football on TV all day."

"There came a point in time when I said this is not what I grew up as a kid wanting to do."

"Having been the son of a football coach, I realized you need to be a polished speaker. My foundation is in X's and O's and fundamentally blocking and tackling and being good in your scheme and knowing football."

"Right or wrong, I'm going to be the offensive coordinator. I'm going to call the plays and we are going to go after it."

"It's been since I was in my 20s that I've thought as a job as a means to get a job. I see this as a last stop. Our president painted an exciting picture as the role that athletics plays at this university. I don't have any exit strategy."

"When I go to bed tonight, I'm going to think about how we can win a dad-gum ballgame. We need to win two, one more than last year."

"I'm 55 years old. I feel I've got the energy and the professional lifespan to be part of this program to see it through."

"I've talked to a lot of coaches, but we haven't hired anyone yet. I'm an offensive coach, and we will run the offense that I run. I won't change it because of the personnel here. Too many coaches try to change things and they find out they don't know the adjustments. It's an up-tempo, fast-paced. We're not going to be in huddle. We're going to move fast. We're going to chuck the ball down the field and go. Hold onto your hats."

"Defensively, I'm going to turn that over to the defensive coordinator. If I'm sold on him, I'll be sold on what he's doing. I'll give him great leeway."

"I want to be an aggressive defense that you like watching. I don't like to play 'defensive offense.'"

I'm going to go South Florida if I need a speed guy. Your meat-and potatoes football players need to come from here."

On junior college and transfer players: "Do we want to go all-out and try to win instantly? Or do we want to build a foundation? I think the answer is somewhere in between. This first year, if we're late, I would think this year would be a year that would have to happen. I don't think you can build your program on junior colleges. This first year, we don't want to sign 25 anybodies, just to sign. If there's a need immediately, we can go to junior college and do that."

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