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Lolla gone?

By mrasor Published: December 14, 2005

Men's soccer

Coach Ken Lolla might be going to Louisville, says someone who reads this blog. His anonymous source says Lolla was supposed to go out to dinner with players but skipped it because of this development.

I don't know if it's true, so don't get all worried yet. Going to Louisville makes little sense for Lolla unless they offered him a lot more money than the contract extension he just signed with Akron through 2011.

After signing the extension, Lolla said this: "I appreciate the commitment to me, my staff and the program in extending my contract for the next five years. I look forward to continuing the success of the program beyond where we are now."

However, I suppose its possible since Louisville has a coaching opening after Tony Colavecchia resigned. Louisville was 5-11-2 last season and did not even make its own conference tournament.

Like I said, this is pure rumor, and possibly bogus. If this were a newspaper and not a blog, I wouldn't even publish it. However, it's just something to consider, seeing how Lolla will be a target for many large programs when they want a coach.

So will J.D. Brookhart. The Plain Dealer rumored Brookhart to be a candidate for the Colorado head coaching job. The AP reported tonight that Boise State's coach Dan Hawkins is the front runner. Having Hawkins get the job would be sort of a relief.

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