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Lolla pulls a Boozer

By mrasor Published: December 15, 2005

Men's soccer

So much for that reassurance. Ken Lolla is gone from Akron after 13 successful seasons. He played a large part in building one of the nation's elite men's soccer programs. He will be missed.

That said, he just signed at six-year extension. Upon signing, he had to know that a job like Louisville would come knocking. If an elite-team offer came, I would understand. But this is Louisville, a team that couldn't make the Big East Tournament this year.

It's not like scumbag Carlos Boozer pulling the wool over Gordon Gund's eyes, but it sure smells fishy to me.

On another note, the scoop was first brought to you by someone who reads this blog. If you hear anything, don't hesitate to e-mail me so I can share with fellow Zips enthusiasts.

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