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MAC Roundtable

By mrasor Published: October 21, 2009

We are changing up the formatting for the MAC Roundtable. I will provide my answers on my blog, and somehow we're all going to share responses, or something like that.
Here is my response to this week's questions, which come from Alan Rucker at the Ball State blog.

1.)Tyler Sheehan and Freddie Barnes are simply lighting up the stat sheet, the record book, and the scoreboard. Is it a slap in the face that Barnes isn't being mentioned for some major postseason hardware? If you were the MAC commissioner, what sort of things would you do to ensure our student athletes get the national attention they deserve?
The MAC Commissioner has no business sticking his nose in postseason awards. There are more important matters for him to spend time on. Plus, it will give an appearance of favoritism. Beyond that, Barnes deserves some serious recognition. He's averaging 4.5 more receptions per game than anyone else in the conference. Sheehan is a nice player, too, but I don't think he'll get many first-team votes.
2.) We've reached midseason, so take a moment and talk about how your team has either lived up to expectations or ridiculously underperformed. What sort of grade would you give your beloved program if you were asked to sort of give them a midsemester progress report?
I would give the Zips an F. This was supposed to be a magical season, where the team opens an on-campus stadium with a senior quarterback, senior offensive line, senior receivers and all kinds of talent on defense. The whole program did a giant belly-flop. We are very disappointed in Zips country.
3.) This weekend’s Pillow Fight features winless Ball State venturing to winless Eastern Michigan. Who loses this game? Do you see them winning any other game this year, or is the loser virtually guaranteed 0-12?
I'll take Ball State, sneaking up behind EMU, applying the cradle for a quick one-two-three count.
4.) There are 4 teams right now with above a .500 overall record, and a whole host of teams either right at .500 or a game under. The odds of most of these teams getting Bowl eligible is fairly good, which means the odds of someone getting snubbed is equally high. Which team do you see getting snubbed and being left home for the Holidays? What are your thoughts on the current Bowl structure, the tie-ins, or the MAC affiliations?
I would be wasting everyone's time by speculating on snubs, but there's a good chance that teams from the MAC East won't get respect, considering it's the worst division in Division I-A. I am fine with the current bowl tie-ins, but I would love for a playoff system to give teams like Ball State circa 2008 at least some hope of winning the national championship.
5.) In terms of general college football and away from the MAC... we're halfway through the season. What team's have surprised you the most for overperforming? Underperforming? Which two teams do you foresee playing for the giant crystal football?
Akron and Ball State are underperforming. Temple, Ohio and Toledo are overperforming. I see it coming down to Temple and Central Michigan. And I can legitimately see Temple repeating Buffalo's upset in Detroit.
6.) MAC Power Poll 1-13
1) CMU 2) Toledo 3) Temple 4) NIU 5) Ohio 6) BG 7) WMU 8 ) Kent State 9) Buffalo 10) Akron 11) Ball State 12) EMU 13) Miami
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