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MAC Roundtable

By mrasor Published: October 26, 2009

This week's questions come from Mike Breese at Red and Black Attack (NIU blog):
1. Both Ball State and NIU took an early 1900's approach to offense in winning their games this weekend primarily through the ground game. This brings the question: Are you satisfied with the balance of your offense currently? Would you like to see more passing or more rushing?
Akron has freshmen playmakers at running back and quarterback. They both need experience. As one improves, it should help the other (because of the effect a good running back has on the passing game, and vice versa). I'm OK with the current allocation.
2. The two best teams in the MAC in Central Michigan & Temple take on non-conf opponents in Boston College and Navy respectively. What positives or negatives come from playing OOC opponents this late in to the season?
The positive for Central Michigan is that it gives them a chance to actually boost themselves into the top-25. The negative is for Temple, who just needs to keep their MAC rampage going.
3. For fun, predict the outcome of the impending doom the 0-7 Eastern Michigan Eagles face as they travel to Arkansas this weekend.
I'm trying my hardest to come up with a reference to old-school rasslin. Still working on it. My readers are more creative than me...
4. If your team/coach were to wear Halloween costume, what would they be?
There's no need to pile on poor J.D. Brookhart. I could say that his coaches could dress as a parole officer, paramedic and NCAA sleuth, but that would be over the top.
5. MAC Power Poll Time
1) CMU 2) Toledo 3) Temple 4) NIU 5) Kent State 6) BG 7) WMU 8 ) Ohio 9) Buffalo 10) Akron 11) Ball State 12) EMU 13) Miami

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