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MAC Roundtable

By mrasor Published: November 10, 2009


    Here are my responses to this week's questions...
    1) There are several mid week MAC games this week, with only one game being played on Saturday. Which game are you most looking forward to watching or has the most interesting matchup? OU @ Buffalo (Tuesday). Toledo @ CMU (Wednesday). BGSU @ Miami (Thursday). Ball State @ NIU ( Thursday). Temple @ Akron (Friday). WMU @ EMU (Saturday).
    Ohio and Temple are facing trap games at Buffalo and Akron, respectively. I don't expect the West games to be tumultuous.
    2) Bernard Pierce of Temple is only a Freshmen yet is the only one in the conference with over 1,000 yards rushing to date (1,211) good for 3rd in the nation. He has found the end zone 14 times already and has not yet fumbled or turned the ball over. Does Pierce have an amazing offense line or should we expect this from him for 2-3 more years?
    I haven't seen Pierce in person. I look forward to it on Friday. The scenario reminds me of when Jamario Thomas of North Texas led the nation in rushing in 2004 with 1,801 yards. His next three years of production combined did not match that freshman year. Pierce can turn out to be the best running back in the history of the conference, but nothing is certain.
    3) This is a sore subject for some teams (IE - Buffalo, Toledo) but discuss the major injuries your team has endured this season and what your projected outcome WOULD HAVE BEEN if everyone was healthy. We expect 100% homerism.
    Akron might have an extra win without injuries to a linebacker and top receiver. It also lost the second-string quarterback, but that allowed a talented true freshman to improve a lot in the last month.
    4) Outside of the MAC, which other college program(s) most closely mirrors your respective MAC school ? Who's performance / problems / coaching / etc. is similar ?
    I would have to discuss the NFL's Browns to find a comparable disappointment. It all went south within about seven days. The starting quarterback got kicked off the team. A coach was investigated for recruiting violations, and he resigned. Another player was arrested for assault. The team lost two games by a combined 44 points. The team's biggest donor had a serious heart problem. It was just one thing after another. It snowballed into a six-game losing streak that (graciously) ended Saturday against Kent State. ... Only in Cleveland (or Akron).
    5) If you could reorganize the MAC divisions, how would you see it divided to better promote competition, rivalries, recruiting, etc. ? What groupings would you like to see ? (Can be any number of divisions)
    Football has a great thing going in the West division. Basketball is strong in the East. I wouldn't change anything, except maybe adding another football team to make scheduling a little easier.
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