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MAC Roundtable

By mrasor Published: November 18, 2009

Below are my answers from this week's MAC blogger roundtable. I will preview the game against Bowling Green on Friday...

1) Do you like the MAC's current bowl setup, where the bowls get to pick, rather than a 1 goes to A, 2 to B, etc? How would you change that, if you could?
At this level, it makes sense for the bowls to pick, because the bowls will mostly consider the fans. If this was the Big Ten, we wouldn't want the bowls to pick on the whim of which team could draw the best attendance. But let's be honest, MAC bowl games are about the players and fans, not national rankings. If the MAC ever gets a Boise State or TCU, the situation will work itself out.
2) Recognizing that probably no one will be fired this year, who do you think will be the NEXT coach in the MAC to get a pink slip?
I would argue that question is based on a faulty premise. Even supporters of J.D. Brookhart would say they'd be surprised if Akron's coach was permitted to stay on during the final year of his contract. I don't like to speculate on coaches being fired. Brookhart has a family. He has devoted a lot to this school. It just hasn't worked out. You can't have four-straight years of losing records, especially with the MAC's best facilities. As far as the rest of the MAC goes, no other coach is within two years of firing. Doug Martin of Kent State consistently keeps his extremities near the bandsaw. I'm not sold on him, but the Flashes are doing well this year.
3) What do you think can be done, if anything, to get the MAC more bowl tie-ins?
I think the current bowl set up is fine. For the most part, it allows each deserving MAC team to participate in the postseason. If you want to get more tie-ins, each university can pitch to their biggest corporate donor a plan to have a bowl named after them, with the requirement that the MAC gets a tie-in.
4) Who do you like in the MAC's only pick-'em game of this week, NIU at Ohio, and why?
I like Northern Illinois. Ohio did not impress me when I saw the Bobcats come to Akron. I'll take the Huskies by a field goal.
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