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MAC Roundtable

By mrasor Published: December 2, 2009

Here are my responses to this week's MAC Roundtable...

I. As a Patriots fan since the mid 90s I have learned that once you start winning, everybody hates you. So go ahead and vent. Give me the top three things that bothers you about CMU. Something they did to your team, the headlines, or the Dan LeFevour love. If you don't feel comfortable with that, than summarize what the Dan LeFevour era at CMU has meant to the MAC Conference.
I really enjoy seeing LeFevour play. He puts a face on the conference, which is important. We Akron fans harbor so much disdain for our rival Kent State, anyway, that we don't have much left over for our division foes, much less a cross-division team.
II. Akron just gave J.D Brookhart his marching orders. Do you think this move is justified, or would you agree with me that winning in the MAC is all about luck and timing...getting that one elite QB the BCS overlooks and riding that pony as long as you can.
It's a lot of luck. But when you have a losing record in the conference for four-straight years, despite having the conference's best facilities, something has to change. Brookhart is not a bad head coach, and he's a phenomenal position coach. Watch for him in the NFL next season. Still, you have to hold people in high positions accountable for results.
III. So its the Fightin' Dan LeFevour's versus the Banged Up Bobcats. Do you think CMU will win this, or do you think there is a chance that CMU get's "Buffaloed" like Ball State did last year.
No chance. This will be a blowout. Temple vs. CMU is the game I wanted to see. Ohio deserves to be there, but I don't think they have the talent to stick in this one. Last year, I thought Buffalo had a good shot. It didn't surprise me very much.
IV. MAC Player of the Year. Dan LeFevour or Freddie Barnes?
Barnes. If he can't win it, you might as well rule out any receiver ever winning.
V. What thing about the 2009 MAC season disapointed you the most?
I love the back-and-forth of the divisional races. I didn't experience so much of that this year, maybe just because Akron wasn't within a mile of contention.
VI. Which teams will be picked to with the whole thing in 2010?
Temple and NIU.
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