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Marshall's mom: Boals' leaving won't affect anything

By mrasor Published: April 15, 2009

Men's basketball
My first concern about Jeff Boals leaving was, "Who's going to give me all of my basketball scoops now?"
Just kidding. I actually wondered about what Zeke Marshall thought.
His mom posted on that all is well:

Well...the rumors are TRUE!!! Coach Boals is leaving for Ohio State. He spoke with Zeke last night and Zeke is completely fine with it. I think that unlike the freshman players such as Humpty, Nickoli and the like who have established a deep, deep, and very close relationship with Boals; Zeke on the other hand, although he has and will keep a close friendship with Boals, did not have that "next level" relationship with him as a player/coach.
Having said all of that let me say this...Zeke told Coach B that he completely understands the decision he made and that he is fine and that in his "humanity" although he hurts it doesnt mean that he (Zeke) is going to walk away for for any person who may be wondering...Zeke is here to stay!!!!
I personally was very sadden at the news, although I completely understand and respect his decision..(because in the end he HAS to do what is best for him and his family) if the truth be still doesnt take "the sting away" crying.gif Zips basketball is going to thrive, prosper and be a force to be reckoned with both now and in the future so keep your heads held high ZipNation...lets say goodbye and good luck to Coach B and lets get ready for 09-10 season and another MAC Championship and NCAA Tourney run!
Who's with me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!??????????????
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