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Martin opened his mouth again

By mrasor Published: October 4, 2008

Kent State coach Doug Martin just can't help himself.
Following Saturday's game, the kook added to my quote collection...
Date: Today Topic: Today's game Quote: ”I’m very proud of our team that they played with class and they showed class after the game, which can’t be said about everybody and I am just really proud of them.” ... "Done with it." Comment: Well, if you can't win the game, you can always claim a sportsmanship victory. Martin didn't back up his wild allegation with any support. He was just "done with it." If Akron's players were jerks, then that's sad. Patrick McManamon's column suggests otherwise. Doug, it is a waste of everyone's time to throw childish barbs out to the media. You sound like a sorer loser than Chuck Amato.
Date: Today Topic: Today's game Quote: ''Statistically, we dominated that football game in every phase.'' Comment: Every phase except that one that actually matters (the score). This guy talks like a total loser. It is a RIVALRY GAME. Have you ever heard a losing coach defend his stats after a rivalry game? Me either. Maybe this is why Martin is 1-4 against Akron. If he uses stats as a crutch, there's no reason for his players to do any different.
Like I said, this guy has an excuse or exaggeration for every situation. If I was a Kent State fan, I would have called for his head months ago. Being a fan of Kent State's rival, I hope he keeps his job for another five years.
If you want to wash the sour taste of Martin's hogwash off your pallet, check out Phil Masturzo's outstanding photos from the game. Wow. That guy is talented.

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