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Meves' presence in goal impresses Porter

By Michael Beaven Published: September 18, 2009

Check out today’s Akron Beacon Journal sports section and for a feature story on University of Akron freshman goalkeeper David Meves.
Here are some additional quotes that are not in the story:
UA coach Caleb Porter on Meves: “The scary thing is this is just the tip off the iceberg for him. He still needs work technically and physically. His presence, his experience and his confidence are tremendous. You just feel safe with him in goal. Some goalkeepers have that and some don't. He knows how to manage a game and he is really good on his feet. He is kind of a quiet kid off the field, but when he steps on the field he really comes to life.”
Porter on the comparison of four-year standout UA goalkeeper Evan Bush and Meves: “They both have that same presence. It comes down to we don't give up a whole lot of shots. We have only given up 17 shots (seven on goal), which is by far the fewest in the country. We defend very well. We don't need a high flying shot stopper. What we need is a very consistent and steady guy, a guy that has a confidence and a swagger about him. You have to be focused for 90 minutes and that can be difficult for a goalkeeper that doesn't face many shots. You go from standing around and not involved in the game, and then boom a shot comes your way. He is one of those guys that will make a save he should make.”
UA assistant coach Dave Giffard on Meves: “Goalkeeping, its a funny thing because they are not always involved in the game. His presence is impressive. Some guys look big in the goal and some look bigger than others even though they are the same size. He is very big in goal and he is very comfortable playing off his line and being connected to the back four. He reads the game well. His confidence and demeanor lead toward his presence.”
Giffard on the team: “I think we are very fortunate to have a lot of talented players. We defend very well as a team and we’re very good on the ball and at maintaining possession.”
Meves’ thoughts on replacing Bush: “There was a little pressure, he was definitely one the of big stars on the team the past four years. I think my defensive guys in front of me are some of the best in the country.”

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