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By mrasor Published: September 12, 2007

Patrick McManamon wrote an excellent column about the Browns trade of Charlie Frye.
After reading that, can you really justify keeping Romeo Crennel -- or Phil Savage? Can you justify playing this season? Why doesn't the NFL come with a fast-forward button to next year's draft? Oh wait, we don't have a first-rounder, and therefore no shot at Arkansas' Darren McFadden.
A buddy told me yesterday he doesn't think the media has been hard enough on the Browns organization. This is truly a disgusting effort in team management and personnel decisions. Savage came to Cleveland as a good evaluator of talent, and Kamerion Wimbley shows he is at least proficient in it. Besides that, he's a terrible GM.
And Crennel? By hiring him as a head coach, you took him away from his strength (defensive planning) and put him in a managerial role, one in which he doesn't know his head from a hole in the ground (isn't that how the metaphor goes?). After Crennel is fired in Week Three, look for defensive coordinator Tood Grantham to take over. But couldn't that be just another example of a good employee at one level becoming a terrible manager at the next?
Marty Schottenheimer is available. So is Bill Cowher. So is Bill Parcells. These guys are good leaders, managers. After all, why hire the league's best coordinator to be your head coach? What if the best leader is lower on the totem pole? That's why the Steelers (a real NFL organization) nearly hired Russ Grimm, their offensive line coach. That's why Mike Thomas hired J.D. Brookhart, who was a receivers coach at Pitt. Edit: Brookhart also was the offensive coordinator at the same time. Doh!
I tell you what, the Zips better stay in contention in the MAC or this will be the most pointless football season Northeast Ohio has seen since 1998.

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