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More on the game

By mrasor Published: December 2, 2005


Some things you may not have known about Thursday's game...

The university said Akron fans outnumbered NIU fans at nearly a 2:1 ratio. I went to NIU last season for Akron's game in DeKalb, Ill. They are a rabid bunch of Huskie fans - very committed. I'm shocked that more of them did not show up. On the other hand, I was pleasantly surprised at how many fans filled Akron's side. I don't know about the 2:1 ratio, or the Beacon Journal's account that NIU had more fans than Akron. It's probably somewhere in between.

I was on TV no less than five times. You should've seen my cell phone's missed calls list. Everyone who saw me thought they should call my phone. I was sitting front row on the 50-yard line. I suppose I should have expected it.

We will see an even bigger turnout for the Motor City Bowl. I have heard several students who didn't make Thursday's trip say they will definitely drive to Detroit on Dec. 26. As you can see from posts on the blog, a lot of alumni also are excited to go.

Akron got a tremendous amount of play on ESPN, given that I rarely see the Zips on ESPN. The program has never been stronger, or as notable.

The game was incredibly exciting, but also incredibly fun. If you were in Detroit, please post your experience in the comments section below.

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