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By mrasor Published: January 25, 2006

Men's basketball

Some people think we could have used Bubba Walther the past few games since coach Keith Dambrot says the players are tired. Well, those people are right. It would be nice to have another guard to spell Nick Dials and Dru Joyce. The Zips are down to 10 scholarship players. The extremely deep rotation has stayed that way only because of the emergence of John Rybak and Nate Linhart. Walther would be a nice asset during these three-games-per-week stretches.

Here are some game stories from the region...

Last night, Kent State beat Miami in Oxford by seven. With four key seniors, the Flashes seem destined to go far in the MAC Tournament.

On the other hand, I wasn't too impressed with Ohio last night. Aside from Leon Williams, the team is nothing special. At this point, I am more worried about the Flashes than the Bobcats.

Ohio fans must disagree, however. To them, it was enough reason to storm the court after winning. Someone needs to give them the protocol for charging the floor.

  1. It must be an upset.

  2. It must be a close game.

  3. It must be consequential.

It was close and consequential, but definitely not an upset.

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