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By mrasor Published: October 7, 2006


You have to ask yourself what's wrong with a team that plays with so much inconsistency. I have outlined three possible options...

  1. The team's effort varies. If true, it means the coaches and team captains are doing a poor job at motivation. Or it could mean the Zips aren't conditioned properly to play all 60 minutes.

  2. The coaching staff is inept. I don't believe this to be true, but you certainly have to consider it. One possible explanation for the inconsistency is the other team adjusts to Akron's strengths, but the Zips coaches are unable to readjust.

  3. One player is inconsistent. You might point to Luke Getsy. He threw for more than 150 yards in the first quarter, then finished with 183. Sure, Getsy made no plays the rest of the game, but he also suffered from poor protection and a running game that netted 36 yards.

I predicted Akron would lose 14-17, which wasn't bad. Looking back, if I knew how the Zips would play, my prediction would have been a blow out for the Bearcats. Cincinnati easily could have scored 30.

David Harvey once again was the lone bright spot, although he dropped a touchdown pass from Getsy. When will the offense include more of him?

Cincinnati basically handed Akron this game, and the Zips refused to take it. Looking forward, Akron must win five of the next six to have a sniff at the MAC Championship. Likely, a 6-2 record will win the division, but there is a ton of parity in the MAC East. Here are the standings...

  1. Kent State (3-0)

  2. Bowling Green (2-1)

  3. Ohio (2-1)

  4. Miami (0-1)

  5. Akron (0-2)

  6. Buffalo (0-3)

The Flashes will have another test on Saturday when Toledo comes to Dix Stadium. Akron has a bye before the Homecoming game versus Miami. If you want to watch the RedHawks, they will play Northern Illinois Sunday night at 8 on ESPN.

Men's basketball

After last week's debacle, I talked about the basketball team. I'll do it again.

I spoke briefly with coach Keith Dambrot at tonight's Wine and Gold Scrimmage at Rhodes Arena. Dambrot, aka the nicest guy on campus, said his freshmen are all progressing nicely.

I think one of the main questions this season will be, "Who will get on the floor?" That doesn't seem to worry the coach; he said that usually works itself out.

I confessed to Dambrot one of my deepest secrets: How I nearly ended LeBron James' career before it began.

OK. I'll tell you, too.

Do you remember when James tore down a rim at Stow High School as a senior at St. V's? I played a large role in the reason that rim came down. In gym class, I often grabbed the rim and hung on it. It always seemed like the dumb thing was insecure, but I never thought King James would be the unlucky party.

Long story short, LBJ was OK after landing on his neck. Now he's the NBA's best player.

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