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More Tressel talk

By mrasor Published: December 20, 2011


Facts aren't getting in the way of this columnist's plea for Akron to offer the job to Jim Tressel (both sides have already said Tressel won't take the job).

Meanwhile, here is an alleged statement from Paul Winters to Akron football alumni, from

"I have kept my mouth shut, but I have read everything that you guys have written. I applaud your passion and commitment to Akron Zip football. Your support is going to bring Zip football back to prominence. You have the facilities and the campus to recruit great talent. I apologize to all of you who pushed to have me return. I just want you to know that this was the most difficult decision that I have ever made. I LOVE Akron Ohio! I actually applied for the job three times, was interviewed twice and turned down all three. The University has grown in that time and has become a different place than when I played and first started coaching. My mom worked there for 40 years. Over the last 13 months I lost my mom and dad and my feeling of home changed. I have built something special at Wayne State, and these players are important to me as is everyone who played with me or for me at Akron. The administration, Athletic Director Rob Fournier and all three presidents have treated me with respect and dignity here. At the end of the 2010 season 30 of my players drove to Akron to attend my mother's funeral. These people are my family and I love them. Please forgive me for not returning and understand that Wayne State is where I belong!"

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